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Behind The Scenes! Watch Full Video Here : Producer: Jake One @jakeuno Mixed…


Behind The Scenes!

Watch Full Video Here 👉🏾: https://youtu.be/xE4jstiAxaU

Producer: Jake One @jakeuno

Mixed & Mastered By: Kenneth Erlick at Rockshields, LLC Portland, Oregon

Director/Producer/Editor: Chad Smith
@chadmicsmith / WeLive.productions

Producer: Kevin Hasenkopf
@kingclinton / WeLive.productions

Co-Cinematographers: Martin Van Londen
@martin_van_londen / WeLive.productions
& Travis Stanton
@travisjstanton / WeLive.productions

Gaffer: Brynden McNew @brynden
Assistant Camera: Talilo Marfil @talilomarfil
Protest Footage Courtesy of:
Dustin Tolman @sirdustydust
Rashad Floyd @rashadfloyd
Trinity Webber @twebber0409

Special thanks to:
Isis Irving @browgoddess.co
Dre Miller & J.U.I.C.E. Crew @j.u.i.c.e_pdx
T.E.A.M. Center @T.E.A.M._Center
DeAngelo Nicholas Raines @ghtoblst
Jason Lionel Campbell @drjcofthedc
Lunden Benard @lunden09
Tristan Tk Irving @artbytk
David Dent @oldavybastard
André Middleton @madsdad67 @friendsofnoise
Jason Lamb @allowjasontoretort
Orlando Vaughn Bey @OV1cutzofchicago
Charles Bishop

Let Me Know” is a tribute to the year 2020. An era where misinformation and a “war on truth”, led by our own president, defined our nation’s movements and sadly still divide us today. The lyrics work as the inner dialogue of our key character, The Conspiracy Theorist, while simultaneously working in the perspectives of other key players of 2020 such as: The Prepper/Patriot, The Media, The Activist, The Healthcare System and others. We’ve paired this theater of chaos with an homage to John Carpenter’s They Live, a personal all-time favorite, which feels more relevant today than it did in 1988. They still live and we still sleep.

This video is a collaboration between Vursatyl and We Live Productions and was created out of our joint enthusiasm for the song in tandem with our desire to showcase our observations in what was an insane past year.

We thank each and every one of our friends and family members who helped out with this video. While 2020 was a very challenging year, you all showed up and showed what making art as a community can look like. We love you all and appreciate all the help and support!