91-Year-Old Police Officer Isn’t Retiring Anytime Soon | National

91-Year-Old Police Officer Isn’t Retiring Anytime Soon | National


L.C. “Buckshot” Smith may be 91, but he isn’t letting his age get in the way of his passion.

The Camden, Ark. cop is the oldest police officer in the state and may move a little slower, but he walks the beat of his hometown four days a week. When he isn’t seen strolling the city, he can be found in his unmarked police car.

“This badge and gun don’t make a you a police officer. You got to respect people,” Smith told CBS News.

Smith gained popularity by working more than four decades for the Ouachita County Sheriff’s Department. After working 46 years as a deputy, he retired, but that only lasted five months.

Buckshot said he wasn’t having any fun in retirement. “I don’t hunt. I don’t fish,” he told CBS.

So during his 80s, Smith became a rookie Camden cop. He carries a gun, but he has something far more powerful at his disposal.

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“He knows your mama and he knew your grandmother. So he has the authority to speak into our lives,” Camden Mayor Julian Lott said. 

Smith said he has “taken more people home than I’ve taken to them to jail” during his long career in law enforcement. 

“He does not want to retire,” said chief Boyd Woody. “In his words, to me, he’ll retire when the good Lord tells him to.”

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