Druski has been on fire as one of the best Instagram comedians since the start of the pandemic, and throughout his rise, he has become close with Hip-Hop artists such as Lil Yachty, Jack Harlow, and Drake. Now, it appears that the comedian has also befriended Chicago rapper G Herbo. Taking to Instagram for a lighthearted story post, Druski started the video by roasting Herbo’s “real” name, saying, “I don’t know if anybody knows this, but G Herbo‘s real name is Herbert Winslow.” Immediately afterward, the comedian tried to fight back laughter, making fun of the classic nature of Herb’s legal name.

Funny enough, Herbert Winslow isn’t even G Herbo‘s government name. The veteran Chicago rapper’s first name is in fact Herbert; however, his full legal name is actually Herbert Randall Wright III. Druski may have been calling him “Herbert Winslow” a part of a bigger inside joke, but his antics definitely caught G Herbo‘s attention.

 Screenshot of G Herbo's Instagram story March 24, 2021

In an Instagram story post of his own, the PTSD artist reposted the video and wrote, “Lol F*ck outta here dude.” Judging from the lighthearted exchange between the two public figures, it’s clear that they have built some type of report, so perhaps fans can expect Druski to be apart of G Herbo’s next release, similar to how the comedian was featured in Drake‘s “Laugh Now Cry Later” music video.

Are you a fan of Druski or are you feeling another Instagram comedian more at the moment?