Since being released from prison following a presidential pardon from Donald Trump, Kodak Black has been steadily biding his time and putting in work on new music. The last album released by the Floridian rapper arrived at the end of 2018, when he dropped off Dying To Live right in time for the holiday season; aside from a few misguided attempts for mainstream attention, the project was easily one of Kodak’s strongest projects to date.

Kodak Black

 Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

The young rapper’s momentum was derailed by his lengthy prison stint, though his loyal fans have remained patient throughout the uncertain process. Now, it would appear that Kodak is gearing up to reclaim lost territory, taking to Instagram to preview a new snippet. From the sound of it, his next release will be a posse cut with WizDaWizard, WamSpinThaBin, and Syko Bob. “2021 To The Death We Applying Pressure Accordingly,” captions Kodak, suggesting his intentions to make this year his own.

Furthering that notion is the fact that Kodak appears to be taking extra measures to assert his dominance. Over the past week or so, the Sniper Gang rapper has been issuing reminders about the scope of his influence, referencing among other things his “let me drive the boat” quote that went on to spark a Megan Thee Stallion viral trend. 

While his confidence may rub some the wrong way, others are satisfied to see Kodak gunning for the credit he deserves. Either way, he appears particularly inspired this year, so look out for this coming posse cut and whatever else he’s got cooking up.