Method Man and Streetlife have been steadily putting in work as collaborators for decades now, including the recent duet “Story Of My Life,” available to check out right here. And with Streetlife’s upcoming album Story Of My Life set to arrive later this year, expect the streak to only continue. Clearly, the pair have been doing something right along the way, as their handiwork has become somewhat of a soundtrack for the New York Yankees, who previously made use of their Havoc-assisted “Squad Up” as their official 2020 Team Song.

LISTEN: Streetlife, Method Man, & Havoc – Squad Up 

Now, it would appear that the Yankees are once again picking up where they left off. The legendary MLB team recently shared a new promo video for the upcoming season, once again incorporating Streetlife and Method Man’s collaborative banger into the teaser trailer. “The squad is back in the Bronx,” it reads, as the faint hints of the track float in the background, giving the air that something even bigger is on the way. 

Expect Streetlife and Method Man to ride this wave as the season kicks off, and those looking to support the movement can head to for official “Squad Up” merch. It’s certainly a good look for Street and Meth, and proof that the Yankees organization understands the importance of representing real hip-hop — especially given the impact the Wu-Tang Clan has had on New York City. Keep your eye out for more “Squad Up” developments as the Yanks approach their April 1st season opener, and stay tuned for further updates on all things Streetlife and Method Man.