Hercules DJ Starter Kit with (2) IP-S Isolation Pad (Small, Single) Bundle

Hercules DJ Starter Kit with (2) IP-S Isolation Pad (Small, Single) Bundle

Hercules DJ Starter Kit with (2) IP-S Isolation Pad (Small, Single) Bundle


Price: $219.99
(as of Apr 19,2021 16:45:12 UTC – Details)

Hercules DJ Starter Kit Bundle Overview

Hercules DJStarter kit: a comprehensive, easy-to-carry and easy-to-install solution including the Hercules DJControl Starlight controller, Hercules DJMonitor 32 speakers, HDP DJ M40.2 headphones and Serato DJ Lite. The DJControl Starlight is the ideal controller to get into DJing with Serato DJ Lite. This ultra-compact, ultra-light and ultra-practical device packs all the features needed. Serato DJ Lite has everything you need to learn how to mix and scratch. The Hercules DJStarter Kit includes a pair of Hercules DJMonitor 32 active monitor speakers, their compact size makes them easy to use on a desk in a bedroom or as the DJ’s monitor speakers at a party. Their simple and effective design and three key features make the HDP DJ M40.2 headphones essential for any budding DJ who wants to get started mixing

This bundle includes a small IP-S Isolation Pad from Auray is a monitor speaker isolation pad made from high-density acoustic foam. It is designed to decouple your monitor speakers from its resting surface by absorbing the monitor’s vibrations. This stops reverberation through the desk or speaker stands, therefore preventing unwanted resonance.

Box Contains

Hercules DJ Starter Kit

Serato DJ Lite
DJControl Starlight + USB cable
DJMonitor 32 + 3 power cables (UK, US, Europlug)
HDP DJ M40.2
USB cable
3 power cables (UK, US, Europlug)
Quick start guide + warranty information

(2) Auray IP-S Isolation Pad for Studio Monitor (Small, Single)

One-Year Limited Warranty

RMS output power: 2 x 15 watts
Integrated audio interface: Master output (speakers) + headphone output
Touch-sensitive jog wheel; controls pause/playback
DJ headphones to preview next track

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