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What up world? Aloha from Maui. Yeah thats right
Your boy is chilling in his air B&B in Hawaii. So I’m just sitting back relax and enjoying this weather. With that being said I wanted to share some comdy gold with you. My man B.I.G is making waves in the comdy world. So I had to reach out to momma’s boy himself bout his newest project Momma’s Boy.

Q: 1
How long have you been doing comdy?

I started right after college when my NFL career bombed out and I watched a older guy who I looked up to go on Star search by the name of SINBAD and his referral landed me my 1st Open MiC in A top notch comedy club in KS City. Then I got distracted and got into the Sport Agent business and relocated to Texas. I call it starts n stops so there is no exact years months or days.

In your latest comdy stand up you talk bout a time you went to see oprah, tell us about that..

I use real live situations to describe myself or my comedy. I received a email stating I was selected to be Ophra Winfrey winning guest. I was living in Liberty Lake at the time and so I was staying with a lady at the time who I refer to as the lady in the movie Misery. She made me her Toy slave and and laborer. I had to figure a way to break free to get to Seattle to see Oprah Winfrey and maybe this could finally be B.I.G. ‘s Tyme to get discovered by the best.

I ran away away like a run away and caught the Greyhound to Seattle where my girlfriend and the woman I loved was living. The instructions on the paperwork on how to pick up your credentials and on it there was a bar code that I forgot about. Myself and my guest walk up to the Will CALL window and from being a NFL SPORTS AGENT I’m very familiar with the WILL CALL..

I give my name and my ID for of course verfication purposes. The lady looks for my name on the list and said Sorry Mr. B.I.G. there is no B.I.G. on the list.

I say well check again I am Oprah Winfrey guest. She had a male coworker checking as well. They say sorry Mr. B.I.G. no tickets for you. By this time I look back at my lovely date and the the line full of white people giving me the old here we go again another BIG black guy trying to trick his way into the event. I am standing there dripping in sweat and I am talking drizzle sweat. I say here is My paperwork from OWN Media and the barcode.

They scan the barcode and whistle n bells went off and security approached me and Im thinking im going the to jail my date is giving me the old really really look👀👀👈🏿😂.

Then they say B.I.G. you are Ophra
Winfrey’s guest and you must go to Oprah’s window. Me responding like Scooby Doooo me Oprah’s window???

Security escort me to Ophra Window to get my VIP credentials and my date could not believe our seats and the best 2 days ever with America’s best. Oprah help change my direction and I would like to publicly thank her as she doesn’t have idea who she helped and not know it.

Where did you get your name B.I.G?

The name B.I.G. came from wow you the first to ask such remarkable and personal question that I hold dearly to my ❤🗣 and soul.

The story goes I just had my 1st son after losing everything except my life👈🏿🙏🏿👈🏿. I was living in Wichita KS at the time Im driving to Dallas and I only had 100.00 and my Record Label music pressed up into CD form being that was my bread and butter every single day. We get to Dallas My wife myself and our son Sebastian. Well The 2 day stay broke me. I decided to go out and sell my CDs. I am sitting in the car at a ⛽ station parking lot crying like how am I gonna get my family back to Kansas to God???
Crying n talking and asking for help.

God spoke and said go sell these cds like you been doing everyday my son. You have the gift of gab. Then God say. B.I.G. ????? B.I.G.???? B.I.G. and I started repeating it B.I.G. B.I.G. B.I.G. B.I.G then the tears stop as I continue to say B.I.G. B.I.G. I hoped out my car and started B.I.G. on consumers.

The next thing I knew all 25 CDs I had left all was bought. From that day on I have been B.I.G. and it has zero to do with the rapper Notorious B.I.G. Biggie.

I can not share the meaning of it do to confidentiality reasons. The world will soon know. Thank you for asking the meaning of B.I.G.

What are some of your goals with your latest release??

The Goals To let my momma see her son succeed with Mommas Boy Bio 1. The album is Dedicated to my momma.

I would like to see unfold is it becomes my number 1 🍞 and butter.

I would love to continue to help the less fortunate on a higher level.

This project takes me to the next project.

Who are some of your favorite comedians?

Richard Pryor influenced me tremendously. I use to listen to my pops Tapes behind his back.

A) Sinbad influenced me to actually do it. Big ups to BAD

If you can watch any comedian live that is dead or alive who would that be?

Which way is up with Richard Pryor

If you could star in a comdy movie and pick anybody in the world to co-star it with you who would it be?

I would love to team up with Martin Lawrence as I love his gifts.

Do you have any hidden talents?

Hidden talent would be singing with out knowing a note round here. My mom influenced me with all her music loving. I was hustle notes. Well thats better than Nilli Minilli

You use to be a sports agent, tell us some of your highlights and hardest moments

Being a sports Agent was really just a gift I had with Players and the Game of Football. Diffently not my 1st choice of love. I did get lost in the moment dealing with broke ass players who become rich and their real colors show up. The same guys who leave the game broker than a Trash man now called Sanitation Engineer not getting a piece of dirt under there baby finger nail any more. I watch goes just lose it.

My low moment came when the same guy I brought into my fold was a snake with now venom but a Snake is a Snake bit me.

Also another low moment is living off ice cubes for 30 days

For high moments, I refer to this as The Black Jerry McGuire to keep things simple for me when asked about this part of my life experiences. Recruiting Barry Sanders was a high light.

What’s next for B.I.G?

Whats next For B.I.G. keep growing. Stay focus and remember to always help someone grow in anyway you can.

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