Stream NBDY’s New EP ‘Tunnel Vision’

Stream NBDY’s New EP ‘Tunnel Vision’

Stream NBDY’s New EP ‘Tunnel Vision’


NBDY may need to turn on his emergency flashers to assist with his Tunnel Vision on his latest project. 

The eight-track project was executive produced by TouchedDown Sound CEO and Grammy-nominated producer Gourty Maxx (Musiq Soulchild, Tayla Parx). 

“I’m super honored to receive the call to executive produce Tunnel Vision. It’s definitely my favorite body of work thus far,” said Maxx to Rated R&B in a statement. 

“Working with my brother NBDY on our first body of work was such an unexpected moment of greatness. While we were creating the music and lyrics to the project through FaceTime and email, we felt that it would be a fire experience. However, once we booked the studio lock-in for add-ins, corrections, and solidifying the final touches, that’s when we knew we were applying that pressure for the listeners. He’s just as incredible and a complete genius.”

“Surrender,” the current single, is made with an after-hours lovemaking appeal. NBDY croons about the inescapable cycle of an unhealthy affair with a girl who won’t just chill and go along with the vibes on “Another Luv Song.” 

On “Situationship,” NBDY is puzzled by the fact that his friend with benefits is acting brand new after recently sleeping with each other. His only problem is if you’re going to switch up, at least show him something different. 

The heaviest song of them all is the title track and closing cut, where he reflects on the loss of homies and self-medicating himself to numb the pain. 

“Tunnel vision limits your perception and common sense. You see just what’s in front of you, not what you need to see. When God started taking people away from me left and right, I decided to stop running from my past before nothing was left of me; I needed to go back to my roots and ruminate on everything I lost. I found a new love for myself and my music during this process,” said NBDY in a statement to Rated R&B. 

He added, “Tunnel Vision is the beginning of a new chapter in my life where I’m keeping the ones I love and the ones that keep me humble closer than ever, no longer seeking outside approval for the validation of my purpose or talent.”

Tunnel Vision follows NBDY’s intimate version of his May 2019 tape Admissions

Stream NBDY’s Tunnel Vision EP below. 

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