iOS 15 hidden features, iPadOS multitasking, iCloud+ and more from WWDC on the AppleInsider podcast

iOS 15 hidden features, iPadOS multitasking, iCloud+ and more from WWDC on the AppleInsider podcast

iOS 15 hidden features, iPadOS multitasking, iCloud+ and more from WWDC on the AppleInsider podcast


This week on the AppleInsider Podcast, your hosts cover the many iOS features that Apple left out of the WWDC keynote, iCloud+ and custom email domains, iPadOS multitasking, plus Podcast subscriptions officially launching on June 15.

As developers have tested the beta releases of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey, new features Apple didn’t mention in the WWDC keynote have been found. On iOS 15, photos can now display EXIF data, for example, plus developers have access to a new Screen Time API, and the magnifying loupe has returned for text selection.

Drag-and-drop support for files and photos on iPhone has also been discovered, a feature that was previously reserved for iPadOS. iCloud Keychain gained one-time password support, although as it doesn’t come with a standalone app users will have to dive deep into Settings to add two-factor authentication codes.

Live Text is a powerful new feature coming to iPhone, iPad, and Mac that allows users to select, copy, search, and share text found in any image. This includes photos they’ve taken in the past and images found on the internet. With a single command, text can be translated across seven languages, and data such as phone numbers can be dialled with a tap.

The Weather app on the iPhone is getting visual updates and live radar maps for precipitation, and yet there is still no first-party equivalent on the iPad. Push notifications for rain are coming in iOS 15, though, and that was one of the most popular features from Dark Sky, which Apple purchased in 2020.

Plus all of the features of the newly branded iCloud+ service, such as Private Relay, have been explained in greater detail since the keynote. Also discovered, custom domains will be usable with iCloud Mail coming this Fall.

Many were hoping iPadOS would bring overhauled multitasking and more access to the powerful hardware found in iPad Pro. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case as only minor updates came to multitasking. Your hosts discuss what this suggests for the future of the platform, and the probability of Apple’s pro apps ever coming to the iPad Pro.

Next, macOS did receive significant new features including Shortcuts, AirPlay destination support, and Universal Control. Safari has been redesigned across Apple’s platforms, too, but some beta users are unhappy with its usability changes. The aesthetic improvements are appealing, but they also hide important controls like the refresh, downloads, and sharing commands.

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