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CROSS the STREET Swiggle Mandela Record Release Party Portland Oregon "MOVIE MONEY"

THE CITY SHOWS HIM MAD LOVE! ALOT OF PORTLAND FAMOUS FACES IN THIS ONE! Today on ‘CROSS THE STREET’ Swiggle Mandela’s Record release Party July 30th 2021. The streets show him some love! Cheers NOW……. CROSS THE STREET! Swiggle dropped his new album on the world July 30th 2021 source Support CROSS THE STREET PORTLAND […]

[WATCH] Bri Steves Drops Sensual “GAF” Video With Guapdad 4000

Bri Steves and Guapdad 4000 display inherent chemistry on “GAF.” On Friday, July 30, the Philadelphia artist dropped her debut EP, TBH. The project features fellow Philly native, Poundside Pop as well as Symba and Guapdad 4000. In her most recent single release, “GAF,” Bri serenades above Kanye West’s “Devil In A New Dress” sample. […]

Cadillac Muzik releases new song ‘Spacecowboy’

From San Antonio, Texas, the artistic duo has been performing alternative Hip Hop music since 2010. There new release, “Spacecowboy” is a prime example of how they like to tease and cajole with their lyrics and hip-hop sound. The two artists Scott Campbell, also known as DaddyDvil and Beseja Moses, also referred to as CaddyMack […]

Chantel Nicole releases sultry new song ‘Here I Am’

Chantel Nicole is a singer who can move. She’s a double threat with great control over her dance moves and “Here I Am” is a dance tune. If you’re not moving when that song is playing, you are unable to hear. It’s got all the ingredients of a Chantel began her career as a dancer […]

Music Carolyn’s New ‘Choose Yourself’ EP

In a time in the world where we have all been more closed in than we are used to… having something to help take you away for a while has been almost invaluable. When it comes to escaping, nothing has been quite as powerful as getting into our spiritual spaces, binging Netflix or getting lost […]

Mike Lavi’s new single “Let You Go”

Mike Lavi is a 23-year-old singer out of Cincinnati, Ohio. His newest release, “Let You Go” is a fantastic blend of the old and the new with his Rap sounds laid over a background harmony of bee-bopping and doo-woping making the sound extremely new and unique. The thing you notice right off the bat is […]