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Brie Bandit

Brie Bandit


Whats going on world?  Things have been busy as i’m getting ready to release a brand new album on August 27th.  But before I do that I had a artist reach out to me. So I checked him out and even sat down for an interview.  Let me know what you think and if you get a chance peep the links below to hear Brie Bandit’s work for yourself

Q: Tell us a little bout yourself.

A: I’m the Brie bandit. I’m from Boston mass initially. I moved to Portland in 2018.

Q: How long have you been doing music?

A:I’m new to recording music , but I battled in the street as a teenager. I try to bring the same level of intensity to my songs that I brought to battles in the street.

Q: How did you come up with your artist name?

A:I was a drug dealer at an extremely young age. I sold Mostly Percs, this was during opiate epidemic that plagued new England throughout the mid 2000’s . I would run around robbing other drug dealers in Cambridge and the greater Boston area with a bunch of street kids from Watertown, and central square . That’s where the bandit part of my name comes from . You reap what you sow in this world, and I ended up getting addicted to the same product I was selling. I was heavily addicted to opiates by 14. Once I got clean and turned my life around I read somewhere cheese activates the same part of the brain as opiates and I high key fell in love with cheese especially Brie cheese , and that’s why I Call myself the Brie bandit

Because of my past as kind of an outlaw, and being a cheese lover.

Q: Top five favorite artist?

A: I’d have to say Vinnie Paz of Jedi mind trick because he spits hard, and is Italian like me. Sada baby because he’s crazy like me, and I just love his energy it’s wild as hell. Nas because well he’s fucking nas one of the best of all time. If you’ve never heard illmatic you need to get on that right away. DMX because he was was never anything but himself flaws and all rough, rugged, and raw. Last but not least my label mate K-wain because he just is dope. Easily one of the most multifaceted artists in the town. Dude can sing rap the whole 9 you know what I mean.

Q: If you could collab with any artist dead or alive , who would it be??

A:Johnny Cash because he’s fucking Johnny Cash. I think he truly encapsulated what it means to be an outlaw artist

Q: What are your goals with your music?

A: I want there to be 0 doubt in the court of public opinion that I’m one of illest to ever snap with a pen. I don’t give a shit about internet clout or any of that I’m a grown ass man. I want how I use my pen to be my identifier

Q: Any upcoming shows or events you got coming up we should know about?

A: I’m going to be doing some shows with the Portland prophets. I’ve been performing at this showcase put together by chaintaylor and Arcadia beats called the flow show, and right now I’m in the process of getting booked to open for some traveling acts–wain–king-tae

Debut single^