Blac Ice

Blac Ice

Blac Ice


Whats goodie world? Hope all is well..  Today I have an interview with an artist that has gripped my attention. Not only have I been watching this man succeed in this music industry but he has been making it look easy. From winning hip hop competition to dropping music no stop my man has been on a roll. So with out holding you guys up any longer make sure you peep the interview below. If you like what you read please make sure you give Blac Ice a follow!

Q: Tell us a little something about yourself?

A: Blac Ice is a music artist who started his music career in 2000, his first song he did was “Check it”, and it has been history since then. Blac Ice was inspired by many other artist 2pac, Dmx, the Lox, Nas, Jay Z, and Snoop Dog. Blac Ice was in Liberia when the civil war started and lived through the civil war until he was 10, at the age of 10 Blac Ice and his family went to Ghana where they lived  at Buduburam refugee camp for sometime. Based on his passion he was fortunate to travel to the United States in the year 2000, Blac Ice has always been infatuated with music since he was a child. 

Q:  Where did you get the name Blac Ice?

A: Blac Ice got his name because of his complexion.

Q: Tell us bout the coast to coast show you did in Portland this year.

A: It was a great show it was my second performance after from not performing for 8 years. It was amazing to link up with other great artist and vibe to there music. 

Q: If you could only share one Blac Ice song with the world what would it be?

A: Ambition

Q: What are some of your favorite artist ?

A: Jadakiss Mozzy Snoop Dog Jay-Z

Q: What’s next for Blac Ice?

A: To the next level which is for the world to know who I am 

Q:What are some singles or projects you got out and we’re can they find you?

A: The difference Mixtape