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When All Else Fails Trust Gesus

What up world I hope all is well ! I wanted to tap in with you real fast. If you have not heard of this next artist you better ask Gesus for forgiveness. My man be practically walking on water with his music.  A very talented artist that you need to peep. So make sure […]

Blac Ice

Whats goodie world? Hope all is well..  Today I have an interview with an artist that has gripped my attention. Not only have I been watching this man succeed in this music industry but he has been making it look easy. From winning hip hop competition to dropping music no stop my man has been […]

SlamDog Is Off The Leash

What up world !!  I hope all has been well. I wanted to tap in with you guys real quick.. I  wanted to let you guys know about this artist I met, This man has the biggest heart. He is so kind to everyone I have seen him come across. He is an incredible  person […]

CRKX is not just a rapper

What up world !! I hope all is well. I had a really cool oppertuinty to perform at a event this last week. For A Artist name CRKX. Let me tell you why this event was special. It was a charity event for a organization called “Home Plate”  which is a drop center for homeless […]

The real BlackHeart

Whats going on everybody!! I hope all is well.. Its been mad busy, but I wanted to tap in with an artist that I found. This artist is talented and I feel deserves the spotlight.. From hard hitting lyrics to catching punchlines. My Man “Matt Jurgens” is that guy. So I had to reach out […]

Many of Many Talents Diction Uno

What up world!? Have you ever just met some one who had super dope energy. This Man is definitely one of them, my man Diction Uno is all about his business. From Rapping to having his own Podcast, this Old School Cat has been around for a while and is still looking on ways to […]

Party All Night With GeBO

What Up World!! I hope all is well today. I wanted to drop on her real fast and get you guys familiar with an artist named Gebo. This man right here has been putting in the work,  Not to mention steady improving on his craft. So grab you a snack, a glass of water and […]

Setting The Bar with Yung Mil

What is going on everybody!!! Today we are gonna talk about an Amazing artist, an amazing person and hands down one of the dopest Video directors from the Town… Is there anything this man can’t do? I been impressed with his journey since I meet him. Like I said in the last blog I did […]

Best Worst Year Ever

Whats going on world!? I hope you guys have been enjoying your year as my man  Diction Uno has been having his “Best Worst Year Ever” . Thats correct you read that right. My man dropped a brand new album and it is fire. I support what is dope and my man is dope. Incredible […]

Brie Bandit

Whats going on world?  Things have been busy as i’m getting ready to release a brand new album on August 27th.  But before I do that I had a artist reach out to me. So I checked him out and even sat down for an interview.  Let me know what you think and if you […]