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$100 off M1 Mac mini, $150 off MacBook Air

MacBook Air (M1, 8GB, 256GB, 7-core GPU) Space Gray   $999.00   $935.00   $949.00   $949.00   place order   $949.99   $949.00   sold out $64.00 MacBook Air (M1, 8GB, 256GB, 7-core GPU) Silver   $999.00   $935.00   $949.00   $949.00   $948.00   $949.99   $949.00   sold out $64.00 MacBook […]

Smaller ‘iPhone 13’ notch resurfaces in glass panel leak

Photographs of what could be a screen protector for the “iPhone 13” once again give an idea of what to expect from the rumored shrunken notch of the 2021 iPhone range. A number of images have surfaced since the start of 2021, supposedly showing evidence that the upcoming “iPhone 13” will offer users a […]

21.5-inch iMac stock in short supply from Apple

Supply of Apple’s 21.5-inch iMac appears to be constrained, with the company’s own online storefront showing expected delivery dates for some models pushed back by a week or more. The most affordable 21.5-inch iMac configuration, which boasts a base 2.3GHz Intel Core i5 processor and standard 1920-by-1080 display, is showing estimated ship times of […]

Leak shows much larger ‘iPhone 13 Pro Max’ camera, slightly thicker chassis

New 3D-printed mockups based on leaked designs for the “iPhone 13” range backup previous claims of a thicker chassis, but also significantly larger camera bump on the “iPhone 13 Pro Max.” The most recent rumors about the “iPhone 13 Pro” say that it will be 0.2mm thicker than its predecessor. Giving credence to that report, […]

Get the ethereal sound of reverse reverb in Logic Pro 10.6

Reverse reverb can be employed to give your sounds an incredible, otherworldly sound – and it’s an aesthetic that’s been used in everything from film trailers to Depeche Mode’s music. In this tutorial, MusicTech Logic Pro expert Jono Buchanan shows you how to use reverse reverb in your tracks. If you want to add an […]

Waves Vocal Blender Review

Price $149 (currently discounted to $35)Contact Waves It is virtually impossible to turn on commercial radio or listen to a pop playlist on a streaming site without hearing heavily pitch-processed vocals. Just listen to tracks by Billie Eilish or Frank Ocean. Vocal Bender from Waves is designed to recreate that sound easily and quickly without […]

Tribe XR lets you hone your DJ skills in VR on a Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000

DJs looking to hone their skills can now do so in virtual reality thanks to a new partnership between Tribe XR and Pioneer DJ. Tribe XR, a DJ training app that runs in VR, has added the Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 and  Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 professional mixer to its platform. Both are authentic digital reproductions of their […]

Apple’s Lisa Jackson joins Time 2030: ‘Equity should be the bedrock of environmental progress’

Apple’s Lisa Jackson has joined the Time 2030 Committee, penning a brief article stressing the need to tackle climate change by working with the communities most impacted by it. Jackson’s article, published Thursday, states, “If we want to stave off the worst impacts of climate change, we’ll do it by bringing the communities most affected […]

AirPods, M1 Macs, iPads on Sale

April is a bargain hunter’s dream, with fresh Apple deals on Amazon knocking hundreds off iMacs — plus AirPods Pro for $197, the return of the $799 512GB Mac mini, new M1 MacBook Air deals, and iPad savings. 1. AirPods Pro on sale for $197 Making a return to the scene this week, Amazon’s […]

Learn how to navigate MediaBay and find new sounds for your Cubase project

Cubase’s MediaBay can look quite daunting at first glance, with its seemingly infinite menus, categories and files. Once you get familiar with its interface, the media browser can be an extremely powerful tool in your music production arsenal. You can audition audio, plug-in presets and MIDI patterns all before loading it into your track. In […]