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Google gamed its ad auction system to favor its own ads, generated $213 million

Google used a secret program called “Bernanke” that used historical bidding data to give its ad-buying system a major advantage over its rivals, an antitrust lawsuit filing claims, a program that earned the company hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. Google is in the process of dealing with an antitrust lawsuit from a […]

‘Greyhound’ audio crew explain how it sound-mixed the Apple TV+ drama

The Apple TV+ film “Greyhound” required some lateral thinking from its sound team, with a profile on how the audio mix during a key battle scene revealing the lengths the production went to make it dramatic. Apple’s acquisition of the Tom Hanks naval drama “Greyhound” for the Apple TV+ streaming service was well received […]

Logitech discontinues Harmony universal remote lineup

Logitech on Friday officially killed the Harmony universal remote, leaving Apple TV users with one less alternative to the bemoaned Siri Remote. Confirming years of rumors that the Harmony line was on the rocks, Logitech unceremoniously axed the beloved universal remote lineup in a post to its support webpage. Logitech says it will […]

Cornelius Smith Jr. joins Apple TV+ series ‘Five Days at Memorial’

Cornelius Smith Jr. will join the cast of upcoming Apple TV+ limited series “Five Days at Memorial” in a lead role, according to a new report. Smith will play Dr. Bryant King, an internist at Memorial Deadline reports. He will lead opposite Vera Farmiga, who will play Dr. Anna Pou, and Adepero Oduye, who signed […]

These three Polyend Trackers come with new samples and project files by artists

Polyend has released three new Artist’s Edition Trackers, each with a distinctive design by three artists that have created music with the instrument. Legowelt, Pete Cannon and Bogdan Raczynski have all collaborated with Polyend on a new Limited Edition Tracker, complete with their own designs – and they’ve also included a wealth of original music […]

Learn the power of Alchemy in Logic Pro 10.6

Alchemy is an incredibly powerful synthesizer that comes pre-installed with Logic Pro. It can be easy to get lost in such a deep engine with so many presets, parameters and effects. We’re going to ease you into it, so that you can become a master of Alchemy without fear of getting lost along the way. […]

Audius users can now post their NFTs as Collectibles alongside track uploads

Audius, the music sharing and streaming platform, has announced Collectibles, a new feature that allows artists and fans to showcase NFTs on their profile. Audius’ four million monthly users can then engage directly with these Collectibles, be they limited edition sales, concerts, albums, tickets, digital art or other forms of NFT. “NFTs are not a […]

Review: Focusrite FAST plug-ins | MusicTech

From their ubiquitous budget Scarlett interfaces to their pro-level Red series, Focusrite is a name synonymous with audio hardware. However, they have recently expanded into the world of AI software with a suite of three plug-ins going by the acronym FAST. But what does it mean? All will become clear. The three plug-ins currently available […]

Spitfire Audio and Hainbach’s Landfill Totems lets you make music with forgotten lab equipment

British software developer Spitfire Audio has joined forces with musician and content creator Hainbach on the Landfill Totems library. Based on Hainbach’s concept album of the same name, the new sample library comprises unique sounds from obsolete test equipment from nuclear research labs, sheds and scrap heaps. Despite the non-musical gear used to create the […]

Epic Apple iMac Sale at Amazon Takes $350 Off

21.5″ iMac 4C (3.6GHz, 8GB, 256GB, 555X)   $1,299.00   $1,199.00   $949.99   $1,199.00   $1,208.00   $999.99   $1,294.00 $349.01 21.5″ iMac 6C (3.0GHz, 8GB, 256GB, 560X)   $1,499.00   $1,365.00   $1,149.99   $1,369.00   $1,394.00   $1,199.99   $1,494.00 $349.01 21.5″ iMac 4C (3.6GHz, 8GB, 1TB FUS, 555X)   $1,299.00   […]