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Booker W. Taylor III -aka- "BWTIII", is a combat US Army Veteran that served ten years fighting for his country. During his service, he suppressed his artistic abilities and lived as an artist secretly until he was ready to reveal his talents to the public. During his twenty-year hibernation, he went through countless life lessons, and life experiences proving to himself that there is more to life than just fighting wars.

After being out of the Army for several years, he finally felt ready to come out of a twenty-year hibernation to show the world his love of artistic expression, and the positive progression of humanity. Through his art, he is able to display to the world how he sees the world. He's gained popularity in the Portland Metro area, and built a company with his younger brother Darien, to express the concept of "REVOLUTIONIZE EVERYTHING".

Booker plans to educate the public and our culture towards appreciating all humanity through art, music, and fashion.

"A limitation is a man-made concept. At any point, it can be changed and upgraded to something even better than before. Don't allow any limitation to hold you back from your dream. Revolutionize that limitation, and once that limitation is upgraded, REVOLUTIONIZE EVERYTHING else."

                                                                                           -Booker W. Taylor III

Booker is a strong believer of family and wants to set the ultimate example by contributing towards building a better world for his wife, children, bloodline, and his community.

BloodLine Revolution is an organization that promotes positive progression through business, art, music, fashion, and positive messaging. We are promoting the idea of knowing that; "A limitation is a manmade concept, at any given moment it can be changed and made better than it was before". With this being our guide, we focus on the subjects most will view as the "IMPOSSIBLE", and we focus on making those subjects "POSSIBLE". When you eliminate any and all limitations, you see that many opportunities are in your hands, and you then realize that the only person holding you back from those opportunities is you.

View us not as influencers, but as "Catalysts for Change". We understand the importance of progression and taking those steps towards updating our culture. Since we are catalysts, our goal is to make our energy contagious throughout the world. We are making our contribution towards culture progression in ways that haven't been done before. We will always find innovative ways to reach the public, and through our efforts, we have been described as being a bridge that brings people together.

BloodLine Revolution understands that a true revolution starts within yourself. Then it spreads through to your family, tribes, and all the way through to the entire world. Allow us to be that catalyst, and together eliminate limitations. Together, let's REVOLUTIONIZE one thing, just so together we can REVOLUTIONIZE EVERYTHING else.

-BloodLine Revolution, LLC


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