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Music has been a big part of my life for as far back as I can remember. From hearing my mom playing records by the Mills Brothers and the Utterbach Ensemble and my dad The Harmonizing Four and The Soul Stirrers with Sam Cooke. At an early age I was influenced by the sounds coming out of the northeast, having opportunities to visit churches in New York, singing in the church choir, and then I heard WBLS. Late nights with Mr. Magic open me to a whole new world.

Sugar Hill Records was based out of my home town in New Jersey, and Master G was my neighbor…literally. His younger brother and I grew up together. I loved hearing the back and forth verses of those three MCs and it exposed me to new rhythms and cadences that weren’t necessarily a part of what I was used to in the church. And then I heard The Message. To me it was a song that vividly described what I knew was a part of the black experience, but that I had only known of through conversations versus personal experience. And for me, even if I was too young to realize it then, it taught me that there existed a modern way to tell our story. Hip hop became my music.

Fast forward a couple of years (well, more than a couple) and her I am, blessed with this platform to continue that tradition of telling our story. The characters have changed, the landscape looks different, but at the foundation I believe we are still on a journey, seeking something greater. Along the way we have taking new avenues, and in a sense lost our way. There are still many who have kept their eye on the path, but have we forgotten our true purpose?

So, here I use my gifts to help us keep on the path, and you’re invited to share the journey with me. And just like any trek, your thoughts are not just welcome, but requested. Join the conversation regarding growing the northwest hip hop movement via Welcome to the Neighborhood. Get to know the people that are the artists through Klyph Notes and be on lookout for ways to support the three7 movement.

I am a servant, with a desire to be used for the good. Less than perfect, more than worthless. On the journey always.


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