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The Numberz.FM

We are a station which aims to air BLACK music by BLACK people from BLACK Portland! You can tune in at 96.7 fm or stream online.

The Numberz radio station is providing a very unique listener and creator experience, by carving out a media space to empower communities of color to share their thoughts, concerns and celebrate each other. The intent of our current musical format is to give a full representation of the Black music experience, not just Hip Hop and R&B. Along with those genres, we play Reggae, House, Afro Beat, Jazz, Funk and Gospel. The primary purpose of The Numberz is to create media space for Black people and communities of color, in a city where gentrification has played a significant part in scattering their voices.

Being involved in The Numberz doesn't require that you are a musician. Through our Community Playlist campaign we're able to highlight change makers, activists, entrepreneurs and people making a positive impact, by asking them to share the music that moves and motivates them. We then turn that music into an hour mix that is then shared with everyone via our broadcast. Doing this creates a dialog in the community through those songs. We also offer airtime for community organizations to share event information that will benefit our listeners.


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Portland, Metro, Oregon, United States
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