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Brookfield Duece – No Hope (Animated)

https://youtu.be/J-S8MeWpYW8 Visuals for No Hope off the America’s Orphans Album … Mavericks continued… Directed by Brookfield Duece Animated and Illustrations by Steven Christian for Illtopia Song Produced by Like (of Pac Div) Copyrighted for Front Page Music, Inc./Soulspazm Distribution

Brookfield Duece – Load Up (Official Video)

Duece gives his spin on what happened during the iconic Malcolm X “Gun in the Window” photo. Addressing many sociopolitical and racial issues that are on the forefront in today’s America. Directed by Brookfield Duece & Riley Brown Starring Makayla and Jordyn Miller, Holli Lynn, Chef James, and Portland artist Blossom Front Page Music, Inc. […]